• 7 October 2021
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Last September 30th, we celebrated, as every year, the World Maritime Day.

At the initiative of the IMO (International Maritime Organisation) and its 164 members, the aim of this day is to inform and raise awareness about the importance of the maritime sector.

The IMO is an organisation responsible for ensuring the safety and security of maritime transport and preventing pollution of the seas by ships. Since 2002, its slogan is:

“Safety, Security and Efficiency of Maritime Transport on clean oceans”

The regulatory framework developed by the IMO covers all aspects of international shipping, including the design, construction, equipment, manning, operation and decommissioning of ships.

The maritime sector must remain safe, environmentally sound, energy efficient and secure.

In 2021 and in a context of health crisis, the IMO highlights the importance of the ‘seafarers’ who are at the heart of today’s and tomorrow’s maritime transport.

The EFINOR group, with its experience in the maritime sector for over 33 years, contributes to those objectives.


We build robust boats which always bring passengers and crew safely to port.

The creation of different ‘boat landings’ us to adapt to the needs of our clients (offshore wind, oil).

Through our subsidiary Efinor Sea Cleaner, we have developed multi-service vessels that have the advantage of being managed by a single operator. The operator is protected from any danger in the cockpit.


Our CTV (Crew Transfer Vessels) are also known for their speed. Users can easily get to the different sites in the shortest time.

Our clean-up vessels can operate continuously thanks to our patented double flow technology. Combined with another means of storage (towed barge, floating tank, tanker), they operate 24 hours a day!


All of the vessels manufactured by the Efinor Group are built in aluminium [an infinitely recyclable material] with the aim of increasing the percentage of recycled aluminium for each vessel.

Our teams also participate in the preservation of the marine environment by developing clean-up boats capable of operating in ports, rivers, seas and oceans thanks to the different ranges of Efinor Sea Cleaner vessels: WasteCleanerMultiCleanerSpillCleaner.

We are also developing eco-friendly propulsion systems such as the WasteCleaner66E.


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