Engineering is a problem-solving business, which develops conceptual designs from client specifications and requirements, and then delivers a most cost-effective and efficient solution and product right through the whole life cycle of an EPCM project – FEED, Detailed Design, Fabrication, Installation, Maintenance and De-Commissioning.

  • Developing technological bridges between our differing businesses and sectors of activity, for the benefit of our clients.
  • Available, flexible and responsive; thanks to the diversity of our team members from CAD technicians to specialist Chartered Engineers of various disciplines.
  • Bring innovative solutions through critical thinking. The group structure facilitates the provision of tailor-made solutions, which any bespoke projects requires.

Global Engineering Services
Our Engineering Department is involved in the following areas:

  • FEED, Conceptual and detailed Designs
  • Design studies and fabrication of sheet metal, mechanical equipment and piping
  • Calculation analysis
  • Virtual reality and 3D simulation
  • Electrical engineering and automation in high and low current engineering applications. Including: non-destructive testing, inspection emergency event checks for fire and lightning.
  • General installation
  • Naval development applications
  • Industrialisation: design of machines tools and inspection equipment.
  • Project ownership: lifecycle, maintenance and disposal.

Our resources

  • 7 engineering companies located across France and the United Kingdom
  • Over 200 people dedicated to engineering particular or overall services with externalise services possibility.
  • Established audited material supply chain.
  • Specialised software, assisting in the modelling and analysis of components and assemblies (3D modelling, stress analysis, cost analysis…)

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