Beyond project management, manufacturing installation, maintenance and on-site support, we optimise our capabilities to generate, develop and adapt finished products for customer challenges.

EFINOR group have developed new skills by exploring the different properties of metal alloys. Our approach uses our expertise to create comprehensive pre-project studies through to on-site support.

Our services provide revolutionary solutions in every sector that we are involved in.

We embrace the rich cultures in each sector. We aim to introduce new solutions from our in-depth knowledge of each sector of the market.

The company’s ethos is deeply integrated in every process and action undertaken by the company. Having a single company representative has positive effects on the risks, costs and responsiveness involved in the company’s affairs.

EFINOR has a size that gives it the credibility to build partnerships, alongside customers and other providers.

Support for large overseas projects

  • Unique representative for the client
  • The group’s ethos is followed in all of businesses and activities undertaken.
  • Large projects in the form of industrial partnerships
  • Global benefits exportable on international projects

To control costs, deadlines and quality. Overall ensuring safety is never undermined.

We rely on our 3 core principles, ENGINEERING, MANUFACTURING, SUPPORT.