• 15 February 2021
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The EFINOR group has participated in and is participating in one of the major projects of the Orano La Hague site [nuclear waste management facilities], consisting in carrying out new extensions in order to increase the storage capacities of vitrified waste containers.

Stainless steel structure

On behalf of our client Orano, we carried out the manufacturing and on-site assembly of the closed system of pit 50 for the storage of vitrified waste at the La Hague plant. The closed system, which was transported in an exceptional convoy from our Cherbourg site in January, is currently stored on the customer site for assembly by our teams scheduled for the end of 2021.

The EFINOR group had also carried out the studies, manufacturing and on-site assembly of the closed system of pit 30 with an end of business in the second half of 2013. As a guarantee of our client’s confidence, we have also contracted out the closed system of pit 60, the production of which is due to begin in 2023.

15×10 meters with technical requirements

The closed system is a substantial structure measuring 15 meters x 10 meters made of stainless steel in our workshops. Its mass is 18 Tons for a crane height of 22 meters. Beyond its important dimensions, it is the technical requirements in terms of safety and optimization of the air inlet flow that are to be emphasized in this large-scale project.

A large-scale project which thus mobilized all of the group’s know-how, well done to the teams and on the way to assembly !

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