Quality policy & Accreditations

Our sectors of activity have one thing in common: the high level of requirements imposed by our clients’ needs.

We have an in-depth knowledge of international standards and our teams are well aware of the evolving nature of the environment in which they work, one of the specific aspects of their trade.

Our specialists draft operating instructions on a daily basis, in respect of regulations and in a consistent manner, supported by close quality control.

Safety culture

We consider that risks related to industrial health and safety (IHS) must be anticipated and we work towards their prevention – a commitment that works to the advantage of our personnel, our partners, our suppliers and our clients.

The Health and Safety department as well as company management all work towards ensuring improvements are made in this domain, not only through employee awareness and training on risk control, but also by sharing experience and measuring our performance in terms of industrial health and safety.

Quality culture

The common factor developed over recent years regarding our organizational and industrial methods as well as competitiveness is that of satisfying the needs of our clients through a continuous improvement approach.

By implementing a quality management approach, we:

  • integrate our clients’ needs,
  • formalize procedures and operating instructions,
  • improve our responsiveness in processing deviations,
  • manage each separate project using a pre-defined strategy,

We improve productivity by making continuous improvement the mainstay of our company strategy.

This approach enables each of us to find our place within the organization and to better understand the consequences of our work.

  • Quality culture: ISO 9001
  • Safety culture: CEFRI (French framework to follow work with ionising radiation), Information security and vetting, PCR
  • Client qualifications: Orano, EDF, Naval Group
  • Standards and qualifications: RCCM-E, CODAP, CODRES, QUALIFOUDRE, CODETTI, ASME, MASE