• 19 February 2021
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What do we mean by control room ?

According to ASN, the Nuclear Safety Authority, the control room is “a room where the operation control and piloting of a nuclear unit is carried out. This is where the information useful for operating the installations and the means for remote control of the various components are centralized ”.

Studies and manufacture of the two control rooms and the simulator,
in consortium with Clemessy

The EFINOR group, within the framework of the construction of two EPR-type nuclear power plants in England, on the Hinkley Point site, is subcontracting on various contracts. We work in particular on the one relating to the studies and the rmanufacturing of the 2 main control rooms and of the simulator (scale 1 replica of the control room). This contract, obtained by the EFINOR / CLEMESSY consortium includes project management, studies, manufacturing and on-site assembly. He started in 2017.

The studies part is now 70% complete, in particular the design of the furniture, the “seismic chairs”, a kind of earthquake-resistant studs on which the furniture rests as well as the false ceiling and false floor. At the peak of the “studies” activity, 7 designers including 1 for the electrical part, 1 coordinator and a technical manager were at work.

In parallel with these study activities, manufacturing began in our workshops, in particular through the manufacture of the “POP”, the Plant OverView Panel (see 3D view) as well as at one of our subcontractors, the JAMES company which manufactures, in wood, the instructor desks of the simulator.


2021 is an important step for our MANUFACTURING activities, in particular with :

  • The manufacture of seismic chairs for Unit 1 (see photo of the achievements @EPR Flamanville 3),
  • The assembly of the simulator on site by teams based in England and more precisely the assembly of the so-called “gold platform” which corresponds to the scale 1 simulator and of the “bronze platform” which is a simulator in a simplified version.

To date, the theoretical completion of this important contract for the EFINOR group is scheduled, taking into account COVID impact, for the 15th of January 2025 for Unit 1 and for the 15th of January 2026 for Unit 2.

Did you know ?

We are working in partnership with Capgemini for the supply of « Conventional Pannel Tactile » allowing the training of plant operators, on a simulator, thanks to a touch screen with force feedback, and this, in advance of the delivery phase of the “Conventional Pannel Hard Ware” which will be the final « desk » !

Our teams !

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