• 1 August 2019
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EFINOR Ltd is expecting to support the development of nuclear projects and decommisioning programmes leveraging the experience of the EFINOR Group and bringing successfully tested solutions to specific issues and requirements.

Nuclear New Build

Nowadays, our team, for EDF Energy Nuclear New Build (NNB) – on the HPC  project- are working on :

  • the design, manufacturing and installation of the 2 main control rooms, the simulator and the six adjacent rooms of the 2 EPR units, in consortium with Clemessy.
  • the design, manufacturing and installation of pool liners in the nuclear area
  • the design, manufacturing, on-site installation and commissioning of 10 large stainless-steel tanks, thanks to the joint venture H&E Engineering Limited, 50% owned by EFINOR Group and 50% by CHINA NUCLEAR INDUSTRY HUAXING CONSTRUCTION CO. LTD (HUAXING), part of CNEC Group of China.
    This installation is critical to the EPR (European Pressurised Reactor) for supplying water to the IRWST pool and collecting effluent.


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