• 16 July 2020
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EFINOR Ltd is proud to have joined the Sizewell C Consortium.

The consortium is composed of more than 30 memberships from different areas such as businesses, supply chain companies and trade unions from every part of UK.

Its goal : getting Sizewell C Built for Britain.

Supporting  Sizewell C is:

  • Helping the UK to level up jobs and skills,
  • Built by Britain,
  • Powering Net Zero #lowcarbonpower 


More about us :

Our aim is to fully contribute to the UK nuclear supply chain as a UK based, project led organisation with engineering, manufacturing and site management capabilities.

In 3 years, we have created 40+ permanent positions based in Somerset (Bristol & HPC site). We are currently involved in delivering several contracts to NNB as Tier 1 or to the broader HPC team (Main Control Room and simulator, stainless steel pool liners, tanks and sumps).

Along our journey, we are building strong local partnerships.

With metal working at the core of our DNA and a strong nuclear culture inherited from our parent organisation, Efinor Ltd is able to deliver complex projects over the full lifecycle of the industry (including decommisioning, waste management solutions).

Though there is still much to do on HPC project, Efinor Ltd is fully committed to support Sizewell C team to ensure the full benefit of replication and help UK meet its net zero emission target.

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