• 11 August 2020
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As part of the oil spill off the coast of Mauritius following the grounding of a bulk carrier on a reef in the south-east of the Indian Ocean State, one of the clean-up vessels of the company EFINOR Sea Cleaner will intervene to help stopping the oil slicks.

Indeed, a Waste Cleaner 83 has been sold to the Polyecogroup company in charge of marine pollution control following the oil and petroleum spills.

The Waste Cleaner 83 left today to reach Vatry airport. It is due to embark on an Antonov aircraft chartered by the government and Mauritius on the 12th of August. The objective is to bring the vessel to Mauritius as soon as possible for a clean-up operation in the lagoon.

Our EFINOR Sea Cleaner teams are also providing on-site assistance and technical expertise.

In a second step, a larger unit – Multi Cleaner 128 – might be brought to the island by cargo boat.

Our Breton workshop is currently hard working to build new clean-up units as quick as possible, besides two other Waste Cleaner 83 currently under construction to meet our customer’s request.

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